Elder Roosevelt Dunn the founding Pastor of the Israelite Church, was saved in 1965 under the leadership of Pastor A.T. Mayberry in Los Angeles, California. The Lord spoke to him in 1970 and gave him the name “Israelite!” He, along with his wife and children, moved from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs in obedience to the Lord’s call. Israelite Church of God in Christ would then begin in a three-bedroom house that was converted into a sanctuary in 1972.

The beginnings of the church was one of great spiritual formation because of the constant prayer meetings and fastings. Countless individuals were saved, delivered and set free from the bondage of sin.As well, the organizational structure would take great shape through the Women’s work, Elders and Ministers, children and youth and young adults and countless laypersons to support the vision of Elder Roosevelt Dunn to “Drive and Go Forward!”
“Israelite” became a household name in Colorado Springs because of the door-to-door witnessing, revivals, shut-ins, bake sales and community outreach. Through much suffering, intense faith and deliberate patience, has the Lord confirmed the work that we see presently.

After building a new sanctuary in 1984, the Paradise Learning Center would begin in the Church basement with five students. After several years of hard work, the daycare would outgrow the church basement and operate in its own brand-new facility licensed for 108 students. For twenty-five years, the Paradise Learning Center was known throughout the Colorado Springs community for its unmatched care of children in the Security-Widefield area.
The Lord would also favor the Israelite Church to own and operate the Bronzetree Apartments, a 171-unit complex, enabling low-income residents to live in affordable housing.In 2004, Decision Time Enterprises begin as a media outreach extension of the ministry broadcasting through radio and television all over the world.

These historical highlights are just the tip of the iceberg as to what the Lord has done through the ministry of the Israelite Church.In God’s Sovereign Will, He would call from labor to reward, Bishop Roosevelt Dunn in August, 2020. Everything that God deposited into him was poured out into the lives of many individuals who are now great ministry leaders in the Church at-large around the World. Israelite continues to move forward under the leadership of Pastor and Mrs. Earnest Dunn. In just a short while, the year 2022 will be a year of Jubilee and Celebration of the Israelite Church, as it celebrates 50 years of ministry.