It is our distinct pleasure to share with you the next direction in marching forward towards the inheritance that God has placed before us. It is called, KINGDOM LIFE, a small group outreach ministry of the Israelite Church of God in Christ.

Toward the end of 2020 we shared a Bible Study series entitled, the Church and The Kingdom. Within that series, it was our attempt to share a revelation from the Word of the Lord that would allow us to see that the Kingdom of God is at hand. In other words, it is upon us and has always been since the earthly ministry of Jesus, to move from the dead tradition of men to the life-giving empowerment of the Holy Spirit that transforms every area of our lives.

You must know that not only does the Lord want to heal us everywhere we hurt but He also desires that we be made whole. There is a difference!

Furthermore, we recognize that we need something more beyond our time in Sunday School, Morning Worship and Bible Study. We all yearn for more understanding, interaction and connectivity with others that are experiencing life as we are.

So, these Kingdom Life Groups are designed with you in mind. And, while we desire to meet and fellowship in person, this pandemic requires us to come together virtually.

I hope that you are as excited as we are in fulfilling the call that God has for each of our lives. Come and be a part of a new beginning as we take steps of faith towards our purpose, future and destiny.

As We March Forward, Blessings, Pastor & Mrs. Earnest Dunn